Falling on deaf ears. Unsung songs. Undercats of the underground. Unearthed internal rhythms. Righteous ramblings. Myths unexplored. Absence of explanation. Hour of the wolf. Peeling off the sticker. Breathe a sigh of song. Allow the minor and major keys of the human condition. Listen to the woman singing on the bus. Meditate on the mundane. Let go. The blues have many shades. Fall with hope of floating later. Exercise your right to be. Welcome to Falling On Deaf Ears — a representation of lesser known souls. We treasure the artist who evokes struggles and smiles more articulately than we are capable. Falling On Deaf Ears exhibits music that speaks for itself; words, pictures and love. Falling On Deaf Ears requires you to relax in room two and descend into your depths. We are a collective collective, collectively collecting a collection of humans who create, because if they didn't they would cease to exist, this is the place where their contributions are archived. We hope you learn something new about yourself here.